Tobacco Holding Group investments on working environments, stores and in the number of employees, has been continuous. THG provides a modern and collaborative climate for all its employees showing this way a modern working culture. Along the THG hierarchy, every employee is respected no matter what position she/he is holding. Nowadays, Tobacco Holding Group - Macedonia has 15 well trained and qualified employees in the relevant fields, according to job profiles.


Head offices and modern environments (200 m2) in the Business Center “Tobacco Holding Group”, make everyone feel very comfortable. Working conditions also meet European standards and our products are kept in optimal conditions warehouses. 

Address: Bul. Kiro Gligorov 13, Skopje, Macedonia

How we work:

  1. With respect and full information about brand we represent
  2. Presenting proudly our brands, because of their worldwide reputation.
  3. Focus on core brands.
  4. Promotion constantly for the customers, to make them feel appreciated.
  5. Provide orders according to a daily route which is well managed by relevant manager.
  6. Train and qualify the staff regarding to new products and innovations.
  7. Identify ourselves through branding our environments, cars, vans etc.
  8. Exclusively we sign agreement between THG and wholesales and HoReCa-s
  9. Organize big events from marketing department, new ideas and creativity.
  10. Marketing department collaborate strongly and communicate productively with sales and finance department.
  11. Promote new products, accessing innovation to Macedonia market.
  12. Appreciate all our partners and collaborators with no differences.